PCB manufacturing

Choosing Cebisa France means working with reliable experts who guaranty the quality and the production lead time of your products. You can get PCBs with the best quality/price ratio, always compliant with international norms and certifications. Our team has a perfect market knowledge and possess a large reliable sub-contractor network working with us for years.

With Cebisa France, you have a single point of contact for your PCB supply. You can personalize your order with all existing PCB types, with different materials and specifications. If you need a specific design and/or request, do not hesitate to contact us, our expert team will find a way to fulfil your request.

Maximum manufacturing capability

Item 2019
Max PCB layers 64
Max Board Size 43in*26in
Max Board Thickness 394mil
Min Board Thickness 12mil
Min Core Thickness 2mil
Max Final Copper Thickness Inner layer 12OZ
Outer layer 12OZ
Min Line Width/Space 2,5mil/2,5mil
Min CNC Dilling Size 4mil
Min Laser Dilling Size 3mil
Min PAD Size Inner layer 5,5mil
Outer layer 6mil
Min Distance between Via edges 9mil
Aspect Ratio 0,83
HDI Production Capability 5+N+5
Finishes Chimical Tin 0,03 to 0,04 OZ
Chimical Silver 0,004 to 0,01 OZ
HAL Pb free 0,04 to 0,3 OZ
Passivation (OSP) Yes
Chimical Nickel-Gold (ENIG) Ni 0,1 to 0,2 OZ, at 0,001 OZ
Electrolytic Nickel-Gold Ni 0,1 to 0,2 OZ, at 0,003 to 0,009 OZ
Others options Carbon, Silver, Peelable Varnish

We’re certified

Cebisa France is compliant with the ISO 9001 certification.

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